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So, Do You Want To Be Publicly Impregnated?

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Linda's Public Breeding!

Linda didn't expect to become a public sex toy!

When Linda came to the cafe, her plan was to work on her writing. Instead, someone else saw that she was writing... erotica!

Wanting to help her with her writer's block, he pulls Linda into a private booth. His plan? To seduce her and give her all the material she needs for her sexy story.

The only problem is, the private booth gives a public show through the window!

Will Linda give in and let her body be used in such a public setting? Will his forceful exhibitionism help her to write her story?

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Get to Know Me: Two Questions, Answered pt 5

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Here are two more super sexy questions that will teach you all about me- in super intimate, personal ways!

What’s your favorite sexual position?

Anything from behind! Doggy style is wonderful. When a cock is in me from behind, it hits ALL the right spots juuuust right.

Have you ever used a sex toy in bed?

Yes! I love doing this now and then, bringing a dildo in and letting him fuck me with it while I suck him off. It's very fun!

Get to Know Me: Two Questions, Answered pt 4

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I thought it might be fun to find two questions out there on the internet, and answer it personally or as an erotica author. Here are some more sexy questions!

Bought something from an adult store?

Yes! A lovely vibrator that broke too soon. I've yet to find one that could pleasure me as well. Any suggestions, readers?

Does anyone have naughty pics of you or are you on film?

Secretly... quite a few people do! I had a period as a young adult where I was into 4chan and sharing my nudes. It was fun for a time, but it's not something I'd do anymore. It has bit me in the ass before, but that's just the nature of the internet.

Get to Know Me: Two Questions Answered pt 3

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I thought it might be fun to find two questions out there on the internet, and answer it personally or as an erotica author. Here are two more sexy questions, answered just so you can get to know me!

Have you ever kissed or had sex with someone of the same sex?

I've kissed another woman before! With women, I get very intense, very obsessive. It's never healthy. So I stick to Michael now, though I certainly do still fantasize about other women. We just have such heavenly bodies! I'd say most women are a little bit lesbian / bisexual.

Had sex in a movie theater?

No, but I have gone down on someone / given a handjob in a theater before! It was kind of thrilling!

I was Interviewed! + New Books!

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Hey, sexy!

Want to hear me talk about writing erotica?

I was recently interviewed with Barbara Griffin of The Business Marketing Agency! It was a lot of fun, and if you're an aspiring author it's going to have some tips you just don't want to miss.
You can check that out HERE.

And in other news, I released some cool stuff last week! Check out the covers below and click on a few of them if you're interested. We have a new how-to book, as well as that HOT story I shared in part last time I emailed you!

I hope you all have a very sexy, maybe even a little slutty, Halloween!


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Get to Know Me: Two Questions, Answered pt 2

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I thought it might be fun to find two questions out there on the internet, and answer it personally or as an erotica author. Today's questions are focused on sex again. I guess that's pretty natural for me, all things considered!

Your top three favorite kinks in bed?

Choking, slapping, and being called names. Names like "stupid whore" "useless slut", things like that, really get me going. And when a big, strong hand wraps around my thin neck and makes it hard for me to breathe until I'm worried I might pass out? Oh, that's just heaven! As for slapping, I mostly enjoy slapping on my breasts, my face, or my crotch. Yummy, and painful!

Have you ever been caught having sex?

No, thank goodness! I have been caught watching porn before. When I'm in the act, I sometimes like the idea of someone walking in, and think that I might keep going even as they watch... but in reality I'd just be mortified! Exhibitionism is only fun for me in theory, unfortunately, not in practice.

Why I Still Love Self Publishing


The world has a complicated relationship with self publishing. On the one hand, it levels the playing field, letting those who might never have written a story before finally succeed at what they thought was impossible. On the other, some claim it's destroying the livelihoods of professional authors and making it impossible for them to make a living.

Maybe one or both of those things is true. Maybe neither are. I'm certainly not finding it hard to make a living writing erotica while I explore other book genres. But aside from money, there are a few things I truly love about self publishing:

The community

Other self publishers are fucking awesome. There are always one or two rotten apples, but in general everyone I've met has been helpful, kind, and just trying to figure out how to write their books and sell the most copies of them.

The erotic author communities, especially, are very fulfilling. Heaving_Breasts and Smutwriters are two of the best private groups around, and without them my business would be much smaller and extremely lonely.

The freedom

I make my ebook covers with my fiance. I decide what to write. I decide how to write it. I decide where, how, and how much to advertise. I get to decide how I interact with fans, how I advertise to them, how many I'll send free copies of my books.

I can decide how this website will look, when to write new blog posts, how often to post on Twitter. I get to decide how to price my books and when to put them on sale! I don't have anyone butting in and telling me to do things their way because I have some horrible contract with them. 

That freedom is wonderful. I get to be my own boss!

The research

Researching the best keywords, how to run a website, what the best kinks to write are? That stuff is fun. It's one of the best parts of this job.

The triumphs

When a book succeeds, it REALLY succeeds. You can make millions writing romance and erotica, so long as you self publish it. And when a book makes it high in the ranks, that success is completely and utterly on me. Not on my team of editors and cover designers. I don't have to share that glory with anyone else.

It reminds me of how strong I am. Even my failures build me up, little by little.

So yes, I love self publishing, and I think I will for many years to come. I hope we never have to return to the traditional publishing model. Nothing I have ever done has been this satisfying.

What Dalia's Doing This Weekend: Watching My Housewife Life.

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Every weekend, I try to relax. I don't always succeed, because there's so much you can do when you're running a business, especially when that business is ebook publishing. Still, I have to relax now and then. Here's how I'll be chilling out this weekend:

My Housewife Life, run by Jen Ross, is one of my absolute favorite vloggers. She has a life that I aspire to, and when I'm trying to get a lot of work done I'll often watch one of her videos in between writing sessions.

But it's also fun to watch when I'm chilling out. Her dog, Winnie, is just an adorable Shih Tzu, and her relationship with Don is adorable. She recently spent some time with Italy and is uploading her vlogs from her time there. The architecture is so beautiful!

So, what are you lovely women and handsome men doing to chill out this weekend?

Did Self-Publishing Help You Escape a Bad Situation?


I'm looking for people who'd like to submit a paragraph or two on how self publishing helped them avoid living on the streets, in abusive homes, having to file for bankruptcy, etc.

Where it will be featured: My blog.

What you need to do to be included: Submit up to 800 words about yourself. What your bad situation was, how self publishing helped you, where you are now.

How to enter: Either leave it as a comment in this post, or email it to midnightclimaxerotica@gmail.com with the subject as Self Publishing Success Story. Also include your email, website, and pen name for your books as well as a link to your Amazon page.

If you don't follow those guidelines exactly, I might miss or be unable to include your request.

Feel free to let other people know, because I would love as many responses as possible!

It's rare that people expose these kinds of success stories, because everyone assumes that someone who's writing must have a good support system.